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Is PF Changs kid friendly?

My BILs birthday is this weekend and we're going to PF Changs for an early dinner on Sunday.  MIL says to bring DD.  Is this place kid friendly?  I've only been once but it was before kids so I didn't pay attention to that.  Do they have any kid items on the menu or should I plan to bring her food?

Re: Is PF Changs kid friendly?

  • It's fine for kids - but not over-the-top kid-friendly.  They don't have a kids menu, but they'll give you a half-portion of stuff on the regular menu - they have a honey chicken that tastes like chicken candy.  It's still not cheap though.  It wold help if she likes chinese food, I suppose...
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  • it's perfectly fine for kids - we bring the teen and the bean regularly, and we always have a good time.

    as for the food, there's no kids menu that i know of, but a lot of food is pretty kid-friendly - chicken, noodles, rice, veggies. ?i always just cut up some of it for the bean and she munches away happily.?

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  • Ditto PP. DD likes rice, so when I go to PeiWei (which is PF Changs' express restaurant) she'll eat anything off my plate, but I'd never order her food from there. There are a few finger-food options. The edamame beans and chopsticks usually keep DD busy for a while. But it's not a super quiet restaurant, so that should part of it should be fine.

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  • They don't have a kid's menu, but we took DS there and they did sweet and sour chicken without the sauce for him.  It was like eating chicken nuggets.  But I would bring crayons and a coloring book or something to keep DD occupied because they do not have anything like that.
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