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exercize during pregnancy?

I finally found a new doctor that I liked today! He told me I should definitely start exercising as this will help me during labor and after and so that the baby won't gain too much weight.

So I was wondering if any of you exercized during your pregnancy and if so what you did? (He suggested walking)

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Re: exercize during pregnancy?

  • I walked 3 miles, 4-5 times a week from 12 weeks until the week I delivered. It helped ME maintain a healthy weight gain. I gained a total of 35 pounds. I felt great throughout my pregnancy and I really think it's because I stayed active. Definetly excercise!!!
  • Once you are in the hospital you are only allowed ice chips!!!! Eat before you get there! I had a piece of toast before leaving the house that morning.It wasn't enough!!!

    I had a quarter pounder from mcdonalds 15 minuyes after delivery!!!!

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  • In the beginning of my pregnancy I walked a lot around my neighborhood.  Eventually that became pretty hard.  For almost my entire 3rd trimester I did prenatal yoga (with a few nesties from the board) and it was great!  I wish I started it earlier in the pregnancy.  I would highly recommend it.
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