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Hi and Thank you for all of the warm welcomes and especially for all of the sticky baby dust.

Doctor said my numbers are right where they should be for 5 weeks, but wouldn't tell me what the number was!!  I think she knows me well enough to know I will just research it and then make myself crazy with worry that it isn't high enough.

I am really anxious for some symptoms to start though, it would really ease my mind.  Anyone else not really feel anything early on?


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  • I didn't get m/s until around week 6. No real symptoms until that point. Then BAM!

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  • I didn't at 5 wks.  It started a couple days later but I tend to be on the early side for being symptomatic (I was with DD too).  Just enjoy for now.  And my dr is the same way.  When I asked him what the heart rate was, he just said "high enough to make me happy."  I let it go.  Because like you, I'd obsess and look it up.  Glad everything is going well and hope all continues smoothly for you!!!!

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  • Congrats!  Just relax and enjoy!
  • No m/s for me until week 7 and then blammo.  It has tapered off a bit but not much.  Congrats on the good report!
  • I didnt have any morning sickness at all which just made me worry a lot. Just very sore breasts, big appetite, and extremely tired. Just had a dr's appt yesterday and everything is fine. So consider yourself lucky!!!
  • I didn't feel anything much until around 7 weeks.  Then it progressively got worse with m/s and fatigue for the next 6-7 weeks.  Finally eased off around 15 weeks.
  • With DD everything hit at 6 weeks.  With this one, I got hyperemesis gravidarum  and it started at 7w2d.
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  • The nausea started right around six weeks for me as well.
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  • I am just about 7 weeks and still no m/s or fatigue for me. Yay! I do have sore boobs though. But now that I said it watch tommorrow it'll all start!
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