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Does anyone use Neocate?

This isn't really special needs but I didn't get any responses on the 0-6 board. Thought I might have better luck over here!

Where do you get it.. where has the best price? Are there any formula checks out there that can be used?

DS is breastfed but we have to give him this formula for the next 48 hours while I eliminate soy from my diet. If it works I would like to be able to supplement with it but I know it's ridiculously expensive!


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Re: Does anyone use Neocate?

  • DS is on it. Have you spoken with your insurance company about whether they cover it or not ?  Because of DS's allergies and reflux its covered under our plan until he's a year old.  I've heard of people buying it on ebay.
  • DS is on it because of his allergies/reflux.  I second the pp in talking to your insurance company.  Ours covers it for the first 2 years and even delivers it for us.  Ebay or craigslist is another place to look.  Also, did you ask your doctor if they had any samples on hand?  Our ped was able to give us sample cans until we were able to work things out with our insurance company.  You may also want to ask if Nutramigen or Alimentum is an okay substitute for the Neocate.  We found they were a bit easier to come by and a bit cheaper.  They're similar but not exactly the same as Neocate.

    ETA:  We are not able to get ours locally as no pharmacy in our town carries it in stock.  We typically needed at least 3 or 4 days notice before being able to get it.  If this is the case for you as well, ebay or craigslist may be the quickest route.

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  • Thanks for the responses. I did ask my doctor's office and they didn't have it. I ended up ordering a case (4 cans) from for $140 and spending $35 for overnight shipping. Unfortunately they don't sell just one can, you have to order a whole case.

     JD has had blood in his stool for over 2 months. I cut dairy back in July but now the doctor wants me to cut soy from my diet too. He has to be on Neocate for 48 hours while I get the soy out of my system and then I can breastfeed again. I sure hope it works...the poor little guy screams his head off when he needs to poop!

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  • DS has been on it since he was 3 months old because of blood and mucus in his stool.  I stopped bf because I couldn't change one more bloody diaper.  The neocate cleared it up completely.  We didn't have any luck with insurance covering it, but we haven't fought hard enough.  We order from and spend about $500.00 a month on it.  I hope your elimination diet works.
  • I bf'd my son till he was 11months old and it was a massive struggle.  By the time any one suggested Neocate, my hair was falling out and I had lost 25lbs just b/c I was so malnourished from the elimination diet he required.


    Neocate is a miracle for us in our life.  DS has milk, soy, corn, beef, pork, legume, peach allergies.  In 1 month, my son gained 2 full pounds just by being on Neocate!  I would have def. stopped bf'ing much sooner and would have been much more happy if we had been given Neocate when he was younger.  I found that while breastmilk is best, it masked so many other problems ds was having.  He has a ton of other GI probs to deal with and most of it is damage control from all of his reactions to foods.

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