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My uncle has a theory

I was talking to my Uncle Joe  yesterday. He is gaurdian over my cousin ( his brother's son) who has Downs. He was saying that he never really believed in a higher power but lately he's been thinking if there is a higher power he created people with Downs for a very specific purpose. He thinks they are angels on earth.He said my cousin is completely unable to see bad in the world. He greets everyone he sees with a smile and compliment and spreads joy wherever he goes. Its true and It made me cry.

My cousin was a real handful growing up. He had a lot of impulse control issues and caused a lot of stress and grief, but to see the man he is now..he is such a beautiful person!



Re: My uncle has a theory

  • I would like to agree with that.

    The only nice and helpful thing a friend has said to me (among all the dumb comments from everyone else) is that Marley has a purpose in this world. I like to think that she will touch and affect the people around her and teach them something really special about having disabilities and looking different.

    Bravo to your uncle!?

  • I like that theory.  It sounds like your uncle has a pretty special place in this world, too!  Angel
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  • I like that theory  :)
  • I would agree to that too. My sister has Cornelia de Langue Syndrome and is multiply and severly handicapped. She has such a light around her and is so welcoming, loving and friendly to everyone that she comes into contact with. I just adore her.

    The flip side of that is that you worry about people taking advantage! It can certainly be a scary world out there with dishonest and shady people. Having people like my sister Megan in the world to balance that out is a true blessing!

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