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choroid plexus cyst - anyone know anything about this?

I am a SAL nestie and just found this board today and I am looking for some info on cysts. My sister is 19w and she just had her big u/s and they found a small cyst on the babies brain, we are thinking it is a chroroid cyst, she is having another u/s next week. If anyone has any info I would greatly appreaciate it, good and bad.

Re: choroid plexus cyst - anyone know anything about this?

  • They found one (or two) on my DD during the big u/s. (i was already seeing a highrisk doctor for my pregnancy)  I was told it would go away within a few weeks and that if there was something wrong- like the baby had downs or trismoy, there would be other markers - (such as clubbed feet, some visual problem with organs- and I can't remember what else). He referred back to my nt scan results which said my chances of having a baby w/ downs was 1:10,000.  I went back 4 weeks later and they were gone.   This is more common then you think. If you post this on the 2nd tri or 3rd tri I am sure you will find other woman in the same situation. The tech said the technology they have now allows them to see much more then they ever did and therefore these cysts are more noticeable then ever.  I was just as concerned as you and your sister but after doing research I read how common it was. But I recommend you don't do any research bc it will drive you crazy- bc they will most likely go away. GL




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