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Meredith had her hip u/s today

The pedi noticed that her hip clicked at her 1 month well baby check. We hadn't noticed it so the pedi thought it was nothing to worry about. Well almost 2 weeks ago it must've gotten worse because we started to feel it.?

When i brought her in on friday for her cold, i asked that pedi about it. After much tadoo..... she finally gave me the prescription for the u/s.?

I brought her to the hosp she was born at and a neonatologist performed the u/s. Her right hip is fine. Her left hip is "loose". He said it wasn't dislocating, but it was loose. I don't know what that means. We go back to her reg pedi on Wednesday for her next well baby visit. I'll find out what it means then.?

We are living proof that you have to advocate for your child. That dr wasn't going to send us for the u/s, but i knew it wasn't kosher.?

She did amazingly! I was so proud. And we saw the nurse that helped me deliver. It was very nice and she remembered us!?

Re: Meredith had her hip u/s today

  • I hope everything is OK.  I'd guess they'll have her do some physical therapy for that, which is really just like having a special friend come & play if you go through Early Intervention.  I've never worked in the city, but I think that it's very similar to the system in NJ which I have worked for & if you have any questions let me know!
  • I hope everything comes back OK.
  • I hope everything comes back okay :) Kailey's hips clicked when she was born, and a little less at her one month. It's completely gone now, so hopefully Meredith's isn't serious either.  I read your post above too, I'm sure you are doing great at giving her the stimulation she needs, but it's good that you are making sure that she is getting the attention she needs for this!
  • Maddie's hip was noticeably loose when she was first born.  Our pedi referred us to an orthopedist who said that her right hip clicked and her left hip clunked.  He said the clunk was worse than the click, meaning that it was dislocating.  He diagnosed her with Developmental Dysplasia of the Hips.  He fitted her for a pavlik harness, and she has to wear it 24/7 for 6 weeks, and then 12 weeks to wean out of it.  There is a 90 - 95% success rate with the harness.  He said that it was good that we were taking care of it early - wait a few months (like when they are 6 - 12 months old) and it will require surgery to correct.  If you need anymore info, or just a friend if you wind up going down the same road, you can email me at katie421 at gmail dot com or you can page me on this board.  I am located in Long Island :-)


  • OH, they also said that DDH is common in first born females because the uterus doesn't stretch as much as in 2nd or 3rd and so on pregnancies.
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