Britax Marathon Carseat $42.99

I wanted to let you guys know that Target has two Britax Marathon Carseats for $42.99. ?They are normally $279.00 incase anyone is looking to purchase one.

Re: Britax Marathon Carseat $42.99

  • Hehehe!  I was just going to post this.  It is the Britax Marathon in Granite  for $42.99 or cow print for $59.99. 

    Texasmom, is there another for $42.99?? I already bought two in granite Big Smile

  • Oh no...I made a typo I meant two for sale not both for $42.99 a piece. ?I was so excited with the deal that I didn't proof read. LOL!
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  • Wow!  Are you sure it's the seat and not the seat cover?  I know there was a mistake about that on Amazon a couple months ago.  We bought our Marathon at Target when that pattern went on "clearance"... $124.98 or something like that.  I thought THAT was a good deal!  :)
  • It was the seat- although if you read around on the other boards it is questionable if it was the right price or if it was a typo  There is also conflicting information regarding if they will honor the price or not.  So for now we wait and see what happens. 
  • I hope they honor the price...I ordered the Camooflage one, I will be so pissed if they reneg on it. It's a fantastic deal!
  • I just saw that a friend posted on Facebook that she got this deal and that Target said they will honor the price. It doesn't look like they are posted anymore, though. =(
  • My local board was all over taht.  many bought multiples.  I got one.  The carseat is the best of the best.  And they are normally $279.

    Someone on another board said that they called Target and it is correct, that they over bought and needed to get rid of them.

    I don't know if that is true, becasue you still would not slash the  price by 85%.

    Anyway - I got one.  They are now sold out I think.  It was too good of a deal not to buy.

  • Ladies, check your orders online, they have canceled a whole bunch of orders without notice!!
  • mine are gone too. I sent them a email of complaint (not so much for cancelling orders they couldn't fill, but for not acknowledging their mistake). 
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