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A co-worker brought in Tiramisu today, can I eat it?  It is not home made, it is from a bakery in a grocery store.  I called said store and they said they do not make it, it is packaged and shipped to them and they do not know if it contains raw eggs or not.  What do you think?

Re: tiramisu?

  • It's fine. Enjoy!
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  • I'm sure it's fine for you to eat, but I've been instructed to cut out caffeine and soft cheeses so I would have to pass! Tiramisu and red velvet cake are my favorite desserts....mmmmm

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  • imageAFwifelife:
    I would eat it.  I'm pretty relaxed though about the "rules".

    This. I've had plenty of tiramisu during my pregnancies, and never thought twice about it. 

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  • I was under the impression that it contained raw eggs, uncooked alcohol, espresso, and mascarpone cheese which I am not sure is on the 'okay' list. I would avoid it.
  • Eh, don't go overboard, but have a few bites. All in moderation.

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  • I eat some almost every day. if it is from a package I am sure it is fine. but I also ate cookie dough and brownie batter this weekend. Ultrasound today said my baby is still kicking. I have never got sick from tiramisu before so I doubt i will now

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  • I passed.  It's fine, I was too full from lunch anyways! :)  Thanks for the input!
  • A store bought tiramisu isn't going to have alcohol, raw egg, or real mascarpone cheese.  I would be worried if it were from a gourmet bakery but not a store bought. You are fine to eat it.
  • If it worries you don't eat it.  But if you really want it, eat it.  One time is not going to bother you.  Or you can buy a Tiramisu and put it in the freezer for after baby arrives. 

     Don't sweat the small stuff!!

  • eh, I'd eat it. As long as its been refrigerated you should be fine. Then again I'm not all spastic about food issues while pregnant. I say eat your food and enjoy it. 

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