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Newbie! Need OB/GYN recommendation - Syracuse

Hey all! I'm new to this board, were located in the Syracuse area.  I'm looking for a new doctor.  I currently see Dr. Vanna Reisman on Provo Drive in Liverpool.  

Long story short, we thought we were pregnant and I called to be seen.  They couldn't fit me in for a month. I have a tough time with their scheduling every time I need to go in.  It's usually at least a months wait for her and I'm not comfortable with the other doctor in the office.

We decided to start trying for a baby but I want to switch doctors first and find someone else I'm comfortable with.  

Any suggestions for doctors and hospitals to start looking at? I've heard great things about Associates for Women's Medicine at St. Joes but the I also heard they have a high c-section rate?


Thanks ladies! 

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