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A couple more questions

DS's first birthday party is the first Saturday of October, and in our area, the weather is usually unpredictable at that time of the month, so I'm not sure where to have the party: At home (which is my first choice, but if we had it at home I'd have to cut the guest list down a lot; I have at least 30 people. I thought it would be hard to "come up" with 30 people), at a park (depending on if it rains or is too windy/cold, this may not work), or in some sort of community building (which is my last choice. The buildings are pretty ugly).

On the invitations, I have the when, where, RSVP by x date, and rsvp to me at my # (is it tacky to say, "text or leave a message"?). Do I need anything else on the invite? Is it tacky to also say "you can email me or message me on facebook your RSVP"?

Is pulled pork a summery food? Would you use it for October? Can you think of anything more festive but still works with October? I'm wondering if I should do a sit down lunch with lasagna or pulled pork, or something else, but I'd like it to "match" the season (more autumn-y than summery) if that makes any sense...


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Re: A couple more questions

  • My October baby had his last party at a pumpkin patch. They have a big barn and would have brought pumpkins to us in adverse weather (we painted them). I served two types of Chili because it's my favorite fall food ever.

    Are there any spaces that are outdoor but come with a (good) shelter you could use if necessary? 

    I think pulled pork is a great choice. I'm not sure what you mean by "sit down lunch" though-- that sounds formal. You're going to let people mill around and get their own food, right?

    I agree with PP about the RSVPs. 

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  • I'd be wary if having the party at a park if the weather could be iffy. You probably went want to deal with a back up plan the morning of. I'd do it at your hone and cut the guest list.

    As for the RSVP, I'd just write "RSVP by last weekend in September" and have your phone number and email.

    I think pulled pork is fine year round. You can always play up the seasonal aspect with sides. butternut squash, apples and walnuts in your salad, etc.
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  • I agree with everyone else.  You can leave a number and email on the invite and leave the method of rsvp up to the guests.  As for location, if you're worried about the weather, you'll need a back up location.  In October, I'd probably just opt for one of the indoor locations.  Pulled pork is a great year round food, IMO.  You can change the "feel" of it with different spices too.
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  • imageAA0417:
    As far as the invites, if you want it to be openended about how people can RSVP, I would just say "RSVP by [date] to [name]" because I would surely hope anyone being invited would already know various ways to contact you, including whether or not it is okay to text you. I think leaving a message if they get no answer from calling is obvious, so doesn't need to be said. You don't want to end up with an entire paragraph describing how to RSVP. Invites should be clear but concise. Pulled pork is a year round food IMO, so I think it is a good choice.

    All of this.

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