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Open Letter Thursday

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  • Current Insurance,

    Really, must you take ours away to discontinue it and move us to the most crappy coverage with another carrier. I am not thrilled. Because of you we might lose our OT.

    I had nightmares last night of insurance.

    You better give me a choice over DS's insurance to something better!

    Angry Mama

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  • Dear SART team,

    Thank you for the goodbye party, thank you for your help over the past year, thank you for continuing to be at our disposal, you've been invaluable to me.

    We graduated!

    Dear Owl,

    Why aren't you gaining weight? You eat but you don't gain, I an mystified.

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  • d.fd.f member

    Dear School Registration Notice I got in the mail,

    i'm closing my eyes and ears Summer CAN NOT be more than half over.  I've enjoyed this Summer more than I have in years.  I'm pretty sure DS is going to handle this transition to Full Day K a lot better than I will.

    The mom who's usually not this sentimental


    Dear Arc,

    Thank you for putting on a fabulous picnic.  My kid had a blast.

    Appreciative Mom. 

    DS 09/2008

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