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Fetal fibronectin experiences?

Mobile: Fetal Fibronectin Experiences?

I don't usually post here. I am 29 weeks with a sofar healthy pregnancy. In my last pregnancy, however, I went into preterm labor, and I've recently started having certain symptoms suggesting I might have preterm labor again, so my doctor gave me a Fetal Fibronectin test today.

I understand that a negative result is a very good indicator if no coming labor in the coming 1 to 2 weeks. However, I also realize that the falsepositive rate is quite high with this test...

Just wondering if anyone here has taken it and what their experience of it was. TIA

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Re: Fetal fibronectin experiences?

  • I had one done at 22wks due to PTL symptoms and it came back negative. They still put me on MBR since I was already high risk and dilated but I've made it to 36.6 weeks with no further problems or FFNs
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  • I had one at 25 weeks when I was admitted for PTL. It came back negative. After a couple day if IV magnesium to stop contractions I was able to go home on sbr. 
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  • I had one at 25 weeks and it came back negative.  My only PTL symptom was a lot of Braxton Hicks.  They checked my cervix and it was still long and closed so they sent me home.  I'll be 32 weeks tomorrow.
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  • Had one at 31 weeks when I was in hospital ... came back negative and I didn't deliver until 36 weeks.  Good luck.
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  • I had one at 27w when I was at L&D for frequent contractions.  It came back negative.  I was put on bed rest.
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  • I had one at 24 weeks, it was negative and I was put on restricted activity....had more contractions and another fFN at 28 weeks, still negative and put on modified bedrest for a week.  Had my last fFN at 31 weeks, still negative and sent home on activity as tolerated.

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  • Well I'm going to be a little different. My test came back positive. I started having contractions at 26 weeks. My contractions started because of severe dehydration but because the fetal fibronectin test came back positive I had to stay in the hospital. I was never put on official bed rest but my doctor did not let me go back to work and I have to take it easy until he is born. The doctor said it's common to get false positives and kept asking me if I had anything in my vagina in the past 24 hours (because that can cause a false positive). I never dilated and the magnesium all but stopped the contractions and I've been good since then. But with the positive test I am still at high risk.
  • I had a FFN test with my first pregnancy. I was having contractions starting at 31.5 weeks. I was 1cm and 70% effaced with contractions every 3min. They got them slowed down, but my FFN was positive. Positives are weird, because they don't necessarily mean you WILL have the baby soon, but usually when they come back positive the OBGYN's err on the side of caution.

    Because mine was positive, I was admitted to the hospital and given the steroid shots. Once I had both shots, and contractions had slowed, I was able to go home on bed rest and Procardia.

    Good luck!

    ETA: this pregnancy they are monitoring me with cervical length checks via u/s (they started at 16 weeks, and will go every  2 weeks until baby is born)

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  • Thanks for all the stories!

    Mine came back negative, so I feel like I can relax for at least the next two weeks! I'm hoping that with the elimination of certain stress factors that have been affecting me in the last few weeks including an imposing house guest, two toddlers home from school and my husband laid out with a bad back... That things will calm down for me physically and emotionally. I really think that helps everything!

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  • For my 1st pregnancy I went into labor at 26 weeks and was admitted to hospital because I was having contractions, dehydrated  and 80% effaced. I received a positive FFN result and even after all the meds nothing could stop contractions. Son was born a week later at 27wks. This time 21wks and on 17p so far so good keeping fingers crossed it was dehydration. The Drs told me about false positives but the nurses told me to prepare for baby in a week and they were right.
  • RaeilyRaeily
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    I got a postive result at around 32 weeks. I was already on bed rest for pre-e so nothing changed for me and it ended up being a false positive. 
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