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Providence Saint Joseph - Burbank, CA

Hello everyone, 

I was wondering if anyone has delivered at Providence Saint Joseph in Burbank, CA. I am Due in December, with my first. I am a little worried as I have only read mixed reviews on the hospital as a whole from other sites.

Any insight would be wonderful!

Thank you! 

Re: Providence Saint Joseph - Burbank, CA

  • I am going to deliver there, also, so I am curious to see any responses. I am not due until March, though.  I did, however, have my appendix taken out there, and because of my positive experience during that stay, my husband and I made sure this would also be where we delivered!
  • I delivered there in August. My experience was a good one. The facilities are very nice. There was one nurse I didn't love, but overall they were great. It's a convenient location. I would deliver there again.

    Try not to let a review site worry you. Everything is going to be fine. :]

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  • Thank you ladies. I have been to Saint Joseph when a friend had surgery. She said she loved the hospital, but of course I am a little nervous about making the right choice :
  • I delivered there last year and I am going to again in March.  It was very clean and comfortable.  The only complaint I have is they had a nurse in training helping out with my delivery.  I didn't enjoy being practice... but other than that it was really nice. 
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  • My husband had his appendix out there (emergency on Thanksgiving day) and everyone was great - one nurse was a bit gruff, but we laughed at her since she was so stern. Their lunch that day was a nice turkey dinner which we both appreciated, since we were stuck there. I was surprised how good it was for hospital food. 

    I am planning to have my twins there via c section with Dr. Jose Aranez. I am nervous about it all going well, and that he will do a good job with the stitching to leave minimal scar. 
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