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Premature Births with c-section?

I am at risk for PTL and hoping to get to 33 weeks .. I can't help but feel anxious that she may come earlier and the complications that can occur.

I was wondering if anyone who delivered between 27-36 weeks with a c-section might want to share their birth story? I know everyone's situation is different but i'd love to have a little peak into the possibilities.

I'm also hoping to breastfeed and am worried I may not be able to if she is early and in the NICU.

Thank you in advance! 

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Re: Premature Births with c-section?

  • My LO was due August 15 and I had him unexpectedly June 29 due to a placenta abruption. I was 33 weeks and 1 day. Of course this was an emergency csection and my LO was admitted to the NICU right away. Because this was unexpected I had not received any of the steroid injections that some mothers have been lucky to do so my LO's lungs were not developed. He was on oxygen and of course in an incubator. Needless to say breast feeding in the traditional sense was not an option at this point. The NICU neonatologist had me begin pumping immediately in the hospital and sign a release for donor milk because the hospital in which we delivered will not give a baby younger than 36 weeks anything but breastmilk due to an immature digestive system. Luckily I have been able to produce enough milk with pumping so a donor wasn't necessary but I was so happy I had the option. My LO has had to reach a number of milestones over the past three weeks but we are now able to hold him and it is part of his order that he be breastfed 1x a day. As we continue to progress and he develops this will increase. This is a very special time for my LO and I and I treasure every feed. So short answer is yes it is possible it just won't be in the traditional sense. Good luck to you and your LO.
  • I delivered at 35 weeks due to pre-e.  We started the induction on a Monday at around 10 am.  By 6 pm the next day I was still at a "0" and had made zero progress with no contractions.  My body just wasn't ready but the pre-e had made everything else so bad.  My headache was unbearable and when the doc came in and saw my BP he wanted baby out now.  So I went in for a c-section.  Even though DS was early he required no extra monitoring and was able to be wheeled into me not long after surgery.  I tried to BF but couldn't get him to latch so I ended up pumping for 6 weeks. 
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  • I delivered at 36.5 weeks. A couple days before I kept going into labor and LO was still breech, i spent the night at the hospital where they stopped my active labor. I was discharged on strict bed rest and went back into labor the following day. When LO was born he was grunting and was sent to NICU. He stayed in NICU for a week due to phenumothrox (collapsed lung) which can happen due to baby's early arrival. I pumped every two hours at the hospital and the nurses bottle fed it to him. I went to see him as m
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  • [late to the party, but hopefully i can help!]

    My water broke at 37 weeks, 5 days, so my boy was considered "late pre-term." I had a C-Section due to breech presentation that wasn't recognized until he was pretty far down... I was dilated to 8 cm when they figured it out! The recovery was not super fun, but manageable.

    LO spent a week in NICU because he didn't have a sucking reflex, had a hard time regulating his temp & blood sugar, and kept having spells of a low heart rate. I pumped while I was in the hospital, and they had me nurse while he had his tube feeds, to help stimulate milk production. We ended up breastfeeding for 6 months, and I actually had an oversupply, so no huge issues there. 9 months later, he's passed full-term babies on the growth charts and is doing great! Best of luck to you!

  • I had my little one at 33 weeks 6 days, via C-Section, due to pre-e/HELLP syndrome.  I went in for a doc appointment on a Monday, was presenting signs for pre-e, so they sent me to L&D to get evaluated and it was evident it was severe pre-e so he had to be delivered that Wednesday.  Since they knew he was coming, they were able to give me the steroid shots for his lungs.  He was born at 4 lbs. 3 oz and spent 3 weeks in the NICU, mostly just to grow and learn to eat, since his lungs were fine.  I had to spend an addition week in the hospital due to continued high blood pressure and swelling from the pre-e. With all that time recovering and sitting in bed, I pumped and pumped, and was able to give my little guy about one feedings' worth of breast milk a day for the first week or so.  He also got donor milk from the hospital.  Unfortunately, due I think to the very high dose of BP meds I was on (plus probably stress, I would imagine) I kept pumping but my supply kept dwindling, so I was not able to breastfeed like I had planned.  I really think that was mostly due to the fast that I was on the meds, tho, and that my milk never really came in due to the pre-e going on.  I have no doubt that you will be able to breastfeed your little one, even if it isn't in the traditional sense right away.  Good luck to you!
  • My LO is now 3 1/2 months and was born at 33 weeks... It was a regular visit for me after work around 4 pm, just by monthly check up and i had really high Blood pressure and the Dr sent me to L&D and my blood pressure kept getting higher and it was starting to affect the baby and I was diagnosed with pre-e (which they found strange as I had no signs prior and this was baby number 3 for me). After being admitted they told me that she will be delivered early and were going to keep her in as long as they could.. could be a couple hours, or a couple days they weren't sure yet.

    And after being monitored for several hours she started to have drops on the monitor - about once every 2 hours and they didn't like it, so at 12:30 they injected me with steroids in case she would be delivered in the next few days - a few minutes after that she had another drop in activity and they couldn't wait any longer and she was delivered via c-section at 1:30am weighing 2lbs and 14oz.

    She was sent to NICU and that is where she was for the first month of her life. Breastfeeding was something I was adamant about, and really the best thing for a premature baby. So I started pumping even while I was still in the hospital.. I was able to build up a supply for her so she was drinking my bm but bottle fed, and once she hit 2 weeks she was breastfed at least once a day when I was there to help her learn.

    it was hard for her to get latched on at first but we tried regularly and eventually she got the hang of it.. Shes not almost 4 months and I still pump while I'm at work so she gets bm bottle fed with small 1/4 teaspoon of formula (enfacare 22calories for preemies since she was so small) and when I come home she breastfeeds. So it is possible, just an adjustment from those who would have their baby home with them right away :-)
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