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Dad-to-Be Post: Rock Climbing with Wife at 25w

Hey Ladies,

Sorry for crashing the party with my man post but I just wanted to try to get a different perspective on something my wife and I do on a weekly basis.

We're 25w pregnant today. We're both so excited and can't wait to welcome our little girl into our lives. Also, We are avid rock climbers. It is a staple in both our lives and together with our outdoor lifestyle it pretty much defines who we are. She actually revealed the sex to me by having a custom rock climbing route put up at our gym that had the reveal at the topout. 

She has been climbing throughout the pregnancy so far with adjusted expectations and precautions to compensate for having a little one on board. I can't express how proud I am of her for being so tough and going through these changes and yet still doing what she loves. Lately she has been getting some stares at our gym and outdoors at the cliffs. She is starting to get a little self conscious about people criticizing her for safely doing what she loves.

Anyways, onto my questions.
Are there any other pregnant climbers out there who are still climbing?
How are you dealing with the 'looks' and what do you say to those who ask? Also, what do you think about pregnancy harnesses?

NOTE: We've talked with our OB and at first he was appalled. I think he thought we didn't use a rope. Once we educated him on our technique, experience level and the safety precautions we intrinsically take with rock climbing he said all was fine. 

Re: Dad-to-Be Post: Rock Climbing with Wife at 25w

  • Tough one. I don't rock climb. If your doctor feels it is safe and she loves it I would continue and ignore the looks. I would monitor her fatigue level. Super cool about the reveal!
  • Well, it's been a while since I've been back to our local board, but I suppose there is a chance you might read this.

    We don't climb, but our dear friend does, and climbs every day. Wife of 2 boys does not, but I think the boys do. The boys are 6 and 9 I think? But I know husband would love any partner...message me if you would like some contact info. Of course you will have to deal with me first because they are not on TB....we are in South Austin...

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  • I don't have any good advice as I stopped having a glass of wine when I was in 3rd tri as I would get weird looks when I was out in public. I would think its fine, but my guess is she will want to stop when she starts getting huge and uncomfortable. It will be further into 3rd trimester.She will also be short on breath as baby starts taking up all of her lung space.

  • We are not climbers but are very active people. We just returned from backpacking Greece and Ireland last week and I am 32 weeks.

    I think people are too opinionated about something they arent even doing themselves, and she should not worry. While in Europe it was easy to pick out Americans as they were the ones looking horrified at me as we stood on the Cliffs of Moher and Europeans would just grin at me.

    She knows her body better than anyone, and she would never do anything to hurt her baby, so I say she should square up her shoulders, smile at those looks and be proud that she is such an active momma. We also have an amazing doctor (Dr. Seeker) and when we told him our plans for Europe he told us to have a great time.

    I wish I could help you with the pregnancy harness but I dont know anything about them.

    Good luck to you both and congrats! Tell her awesome job!

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