Birthday Parties

are these menu options enough?

We have 60 adults and kids coming to our party.

DH is grilling hamburgers, wings, hotdogs, and homemade sausage.

I'm making a quinoa salad (dairy and wheat free)

Veggie platter with both ranch dressing and hummus



I was planning to make a pasta or potato salad, or to make pinswheel sandwiches, but I'm overloaded.  I'm also baking her triple layer cake plus cupcakes and decorating.  And I went a bit overboard on decorations (too many balloons which all have to be blown up...ok, not all...)

I feel like something else is needed, but what?

Re: are these menu options enough?

  • That's a lot of options already, but if anything's missing, it's probably fruit.
  • Yup, probably a fruit salad would complete the menu

    (I'm assuming you have the buns for the burguers and hot dogs and some corn chips for the queso and the salsa, right?!) 

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  • Chips and pretzels are an easy side/snack to add too.
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  • imagejociejones:
    That's a lot of options already, but if anything's missing, it's probably fruit.

    Reading this is what I thought, I'm not a big veggie person but love my fruit! 

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  • another vote for fruit
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  • Thanks everyone. We added fruit. Had way too much food overall. So hard to judge what people will eat!!! But party was a success and the grilled foods and quinoa salad received high compliments.
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