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Earth Mama, Angel Baby Products & Intro!

Hey everyone!

I haven't introduced myself on this board, so I'll start there. I'm currently 29w4d and am expecting a little girl this September. My husband and I are in the middle of taking Bradley classes and are planning on a med-free birth.

We try to be all natural in general, eating organic, natural cleansers, etc. and we're planning on CD this little one.

My question is in regards to the Earth Mama, Angel Baby Birth & Baby Kit. I'm wondering if it's better to order this entire basket of different products or if I should just order individual products that I think I'll need. Does anyone have any experience with this brand?

Here's the link to the product if you're interested:

Thank you! 


Re: Earth Mama, Angel Baby Products & Intro!

  • I LOVE this brand.

    It seems expensive... but the shampoo lasted my daughter a full year +.

    I only bothered with the diaper balm and the shampoo/bodywash.  I haven't seemed to have a need for anything else.



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  • I've used I few of their products (loved the nipple butter) and would recommend them.
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  • Thank you! I think I'm gonna get it and see how it goes!
  • I have used the bottom balm, nipple butter and their angel baby shampoo and body wash and love all of them.  I plan on getting the pregnancy and post partum mama products when I am expecting our second LO.


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    Our girl only has had a couple bouts of diaper rash (we only have her in disposables at night but the first week we had her in them daily because she was too small for our stash). The bottom butter seemed to work very well and she was happy when we applied it (I think it had a cooling sensation for her).

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  • I have heard rave reviews on the Earth Mama nipple cream and just last night bought some at the co-op so I know I will have it for little ones arrival.  I am going to hold off on the bottom butter as i have heard that coconut oil works well and we have that on hand as I use it in baking in place of other oils and butter (also to oil pans).  I am also thinking about getting the Sitz bath stuff that I think is made by Angel Baby to try and see if it works as well as the kind they give in the hospital (I am all for herbal remedies over chemical ones but I may end up just going with what ever get the pain to be better!  I did register for the Angel Baby post partum kit but am unsure if I will buy the whole thing myself if it is not gifted to me at my shower.
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