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Should I send out of town family an invitation?

Our invitations are simple. They have the party theme on them but no picture or anything of DS. If I send them though I would probably include a wallet size picture of him. Would you send an invite to out of state family that definitely wont be able to come or not? If so, would you limit it to Grandparents and Aunt and Uncles. Or also send to Great Aunt and Uncles that you are close to? TIA

Re: Should I send out of town family an invitation?

  • No.  Every event in your life/ your child's life doesn't need to be an "invite everyone we know" event.  I can't even get on board with "just so they feel included/ what if they want to come anyhow?" - those still aren't reasons to invite "everyone". 

    If you have specific people who you KNOW would like to be invited/ you're particularly close to, go for it - I guess.  But still...

    We have close family who live a LONG ways away.  We've never been invited to their kids parties, we've never invited them to ours.  Now- when their kids are Bar/Bat Mitzvah'd, we're invited and a huge deal is made out of it.   But the "invite everyone" is saved for truly the bigger milestones.

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  • No, if you know for sure they won't come I think is silly (and they could think you're sending it so they'll get your LO a gift)

    You can always send them a cute picture of your LO if you think they'd like that 

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  • Thanks girls! I will stick to just family and close friends that live in the area.
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    Thanks girls! I will stick to just family and close friends that live in the area.

    Good idea!  Since it sounds like you're close to some of these out of town folks, I'd probably send a birthday picture of your LO to them. 

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  • tyke29tyke29 member

    For the most part, no.

    I do send to one cousin and one friend that are out of town and probably cannot come.  They send gifts with or without an invite and we always do picture cards. 

  • If you KNOW they wont come then I would just send them pictures. I'd personally be worried about hurting someone's feelings, but my family can be petty about things like that so maybe that's just me.
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