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Need food help

My LO still has no teeth and isn't very good at gumming things. I am making his pur?ed foods and I'm in a rut. He loves sweet potatoes, squash,  and every fruit he's tried. He gags on anything green (he's gotten a little better but only if I mix it and give him water after every bite or two). 

Any suggestions on veggies or new dinner ideas? I know I should be giving him a bigger variety or giving him more finger foods but he's not really into it. 

Re: Need food help

  • I have not tried meat yet. Thanks for the suggestion. He loves to "suck" on the mesh tether but when it comes to soft foods he will just swish it back and forth and spit it out. The only thing he will swallow is bannanas.
  • When DS was still eating purees, I've done carrots and cauliflower, in addition to greens.  Eggplant probably will work too but I haven't made it.
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  • I feel like I don't give her enough veggies either. She loves broccoli and will eat it as a finger food when steamed really well. Huge mess though.
    I often mix

    broccoli and cauliflower
    Sweet potatoes and chicken
    Squash and carrot
    Green bean and rice cereal
    Zucchini and rice cereal
    Peas and carrots
    Broccoli and apple

  • My LO loves green peas, but that is the only green veggie I have had success with alone. Last weekend I made combos: Zucchini/banana, green bean/pear, turkey/sweet potato, chicken/apples. All have been hits! I also read where someone did some combos with quinoa which I plan to try soon-maybe with carrots and a fruit?
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  • nealblnealbl member
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    Parsnips both of my girls loved them.
    Try mixing the greens with something else like a fruit. Your lo may not gag on it.
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