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Birthday party food for outdoor party- sick of hot dogs and hamburgers

It seems like the last 5 parties we have been to this summer have been hot dogs and burgers, Any ideas for something a little different that is still kid- friendly and not too expensive. 


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Re: Birthday party food for outdoor party- sick of hot dogs and hamburgers

  • We do fried chicken ordered from a restaurant with sides of mashed potatoes and a salad. 

    Or we order a large tray of puerto rican rice with other sides like platains grilled up. 

    Or we do tacos- you just grill up lots of arrachera meat, chop it up and serve with tortillas heated on a grill and make salsa and guacamole to go with it. 

    Or we do simple quesadillas with tortillas heated up on a grill and a simple piece of chihuaha cheese placed between the tortillas. 

    We hardly ever do hot dogs and hamburgers.  

  • We've hired a taco cart that comes and cooks the food right at the party and it's all-you-can-eat.  We've also ordered grilled chicken & tortillas and burritos from El Pollo Loco that was a big hit.
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  • Tacos, chicken wings, pizza.. are all kid friendly and non expensive opions; just add some salad and/or potatoes on the side and you have a nice meal
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  • We recently went to a party and she made BBQ pulled pork in the crockpot one with BBQ sauce and one without but had BBQ sauce for people to add if they wanted to. It was delicious and easy for her.
  • sloppy joes? I guess you could do those little pita pockets for the kids!
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  • We are having an indoor/outdoor party. People will be free to hang out wherever they choose. We are doing sandwiches, a couple cold salads (probably pasta and potato) and veggie and fruit trays.

    I'm making everything the night before so I can spend the party socializing instead of cooking. 

  • Since having kids I do not cook for large groups, except Thanksgiving. So for DS1's bday in a couple weeks I am getting Chickfila nuggets and fruit for the kids and some platters from a Hawaiian place for the adults.
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