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Re: how to clean your vag

  • image ThisIsBrea:
    I'm so glad to know I'm doing it right. Haha!! Also, I'm on mobile, so the title is "how to clean your va." I of course immediately thought vag, but then I thought no way it was vag, had to be vacuum or something. Glad to know my first instinct was correct.


    also her blog is incredible. she has done AMAZING work. Like delivering babies during gunshots in South Sudan amazing. 

  • LorMorLorMor
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    How very sensible.

    An aside: the first time I went to Afrikaburn (our Burning Man) I overheard / was eavesdropping on some youths discussing douching and who needs to and when. I interrupted and told them a vag is like a self cleaning oven and then gave them pretty much this lesson.  

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