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18 weeks interested to make a friend

I'm 18 weeks pregnant, 20yrs old and live in ft. Lauderdale; my doctor advised me to socialize and share my experience with another mom to be close to my same week. It helps you go through the prrgnancy easier when you have someone you can relate and do things together too. Is there anyone that lives around broward that would like to go for a girlie lunch?
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Re: 18 weeks interested to make a friend

  • Im 10 weeks prego (second pregnancy) and I can tell you that it definitely HELPS a lot to talk to other mommies to be. If I was closer I would hang out but I'm close to homestead :(
  • I totally feel you. I'm 17 weeks right now. I love my friends, but being the first to get pregnant, it gets strange to understand each other. Unfortunently I live in Miami. :(. But these boards have really been great. I live on these at work.




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  • i live in broward and would do lunch sometime - I'm only 6 weeks along though so not sure if you are interested

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  • I'm in vm broward but only 13 weeks.
  • I'm in Fort Lauderdale (commercial blvd) I'm 14 weeks but also te first out of my friends to be expecting.
  • I am 17 weeks and just moved to Miami! 
    I would love to meet local Mommies!

  • Hi I'm 7 weeks living in Miami just a my hubby and I! Would love to meet some other moms too
  • I am 17 weeks in Coral Gables. Anyone close by?

  • I am not preggers but I have a one year old baby girl and I just turned 21 :)

    312.375.2767 is my number if you wanna be friends!
  • Hello there!!

    I work for a preschool in the Brickell area (TINICITI).

    A couple of our mothers joined Baby bootcamp, where mothers can meet and work out with their babies. It's great our mothers love it and they even do happy hours together!!

  • I live in hollywood and always looking for new people to meet since I am not a native to Florida. Btw I am 22 weeks.
  • Also have a 3 year old son whom I take to the parks in the area and indoor park the cool de sac in hallandale and interested to do funderdome in Fort Lauderdale.
  • Im not pregnant but have a 2y-o and a 4y-o an im 21 off commercial Boulevard an diff need some friends since all of them abandon me since having kids
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