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Insurance - wowza!

After reading the post about getting tested for CF without knowing it, I was curious as to whether I'd been billed yet by my genetics counselor.  I've been checking periodically just to make sure everything was paid.

For my 1 trimester screening and Jewish panel screening, my insurance plan paid $12,229.  Before the insurance discount, my testing was $24,650.  I paid a $30 copay.  I had called my insurance company before all my testing so I knew everything was covered and that the doctor was in network.  

I hope this serves as a lesson to make sure you know you're covered before getting tested. 


Re: Insurance - wowza!

  • I would have paid out of pocket for mine anyways was just surprised at how much it actually costs for these

    Then again mine wasnt close to 30 thousand
  • imagemomanddad+3:
    OP, you must have fantastic insurance!!! Wow, trying not to be jealous ;]

    I do.  I'm very lucky that I work for a large corporation where benefits are very important.  I almost want to question the doctor's office b/c it seems insane how much they charge but I don't want to open any can of worms.  The testing cost almost as much as my appendectomy a few years ago.  

    I'm wondering if my actual labor and delivery will be less than this amount?!?!?


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  • Wow. It is good to know that not everyone has sh1tastic insurance. You're insurance is great!
  • Wow. I had both the genetics testing and first trimester screenings and they didn't bill at that amount. Nuts. I actually had gene sequencing as well and it wasn't billed so high.
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  • Wow I can't get over the price difference for things. I'm guessing you guys are in the states? Here my insurance isn't paying for anything but the hospital stay when the baby is born, so I guess if baby pops when I'm stuck in traffic 3 yrs worth of extra premiums was wasted!
    OB apps are 100 a go and government refunds 40 of that. Blood test was 180 and scan 300 with about 200 back from the government. I did hear the OBs secretary telling one lady over the phone the biggest expenses would be the hospital stay and the epidural. Hope insurance covers the epidural!
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