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Recommend your crib sheet?

Okay, I don't like our "summer" crib sheets.  For cold weather, we have the Carters Velour easy fit one, which is oh so soft, but I think it's too hot for summer.  Right now, we are using the IKEA cotton crib sheets.  They are just okay but they are kind of stretched out (in a weird way) so they aren't very fitted anymore.  

Can you recommend the crib sheets you have that you love? TIA! 

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Re: Recommend your crib sheet?

  • Love our PBK sheets.

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  • I prefer the jersey sheets too. Soft, have some stretch and wear well. BRU had quite a few styles when we picked out ours, wow almost a year ago!

  • I have dwell ones...they're probably about the same as PBK. I am happy, they're not exceptional though

  • I luuurve the A&A crib sheets--they're super breathable and cool even when it's hot. They don't have a ton of color/pattern options but the ones they do have are cute!


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  • nealblnealbl
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    i get Target's Circo 100% cotton knit sheets. It is a light pink that I needed for their room and is very soft.
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  • My favorites are from Land of Nod and we also have organic ones from BRU that are super soft, but I cant find them there anymore.
  • we have carters sheets.  it's somewhat like a soft jersey fabric.  I got them when DD1 was born, so in 2009.  I don't even know if they make them anymore, but they're so soft I love them!
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