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My kid hasn't peed all day

At what point would you call the doctor?

He woke up this morning with a soaking wet diaper as per usual but hasn't peed all day in the potty or had any accidents. He woke up from his nap with a dry diaper as well. We have a small place and he is pretty proud of himself when he pees (even if it's on the floor) so I don't think he peed somewhere randomly and hid it from me.

He is drinking plenty so I don't think it's dehydration and he's on amoxicillin for strep so I don't think it could be a UTI. Any thoughts?


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Re: My kid hasn't peed all day

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    id probably call after 24 hours without pee so since he woke up wet today i'd call tomorrow morning if he wakes up dry.
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  • As a PP mentions. If he goes greater than 24 hours without urinating call your pediatrician right away. 

    I doubt it is dehydration as you said he has been drinking all day. If is mucous membranes and tongue are still moist- it isn't dehydration. Those will dry out before the body stops producing urine.  A child should produce 1 ml per kg per hour of urine. So if you child weighs ten kilograms he would be producing 10 ml/hr. 


    I would be more concerned about urinary retention. Monitor him frequently for signs or symptoms of urinary retention. Is he uncomfortable? Is his abdomen distended ? Does he have a fever? If any of those signs appear- I would call immediately. 

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  • Thanks ladies!

    He peed the littlest teeniest amount in the bath just now. I'll see how his diaper is in the morning and call if he's still dry. No fever or unusual behavior, so my guess is that he's going to soak his diaper by midnight.


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