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Poll: s/o Cars- Gas

What area do you live in and how much are you paying for a gallon of gas?

On average, how much does your family spend per month on gas?


We are in Western PA and it's 3.55 here.  We fill up the car usually 2x/per month max staying at home- about $75, but if we go to visit family it's another $100 for gas and tolls there and back, we probably make the trip every other month.

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  • We live in western Kansas.  Gas is around 3.55-3.75.  We take advantage of dillons fuel points and will usually get 10-30 cents off per gallon per month, but lately they have some promotions where you get fuel points faster so we have been getting more like $1 off; spread out through the month.  We probably spend at least $100, but it could be up to $200 depending on how much we drive and which vehicles.  Since its summer h is taking the motorcycle more and I'm not driving much since I'm on summer break, so we're not using as much gas.
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  • I am in Northwest Las Vegas, NV and we are around $3.50ish here. I hate even thinking about how much we spend on gas sometimes. We are around $200 a month in our house.

  • We fill up my van once a week, dh's car every other week. Plus an extra time per month to visit our families about 125 miles away. We spend 350 or so per month. We're in Iowa. I commute 17 miles to work, dh just across town 3 miles?

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  • My SUV is about 70 to fill with premium and its about 2x a month. DH has a truck that costs 80 to fill with regular once a week. Gas ranges from 3.49 to 4.09 a gallon for reg and premium. We are in the Boston suburbs.
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    Um, I don't even want to think about this.  I'm much happier not adding up how much we are spending.  HA!
  • We're just outside of Boston. Premium is just under $4, but I drive so little that I usually fill up once a month at most. DH bikes to work, so that's free.
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  • It's around 4$ a gallon. I hardly ever fill up anymore, maybe once a month. I don't know about DH. I'm in N CA.
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  • Midwest and runs 3.40. My husband and I both commute a 30 min drive and fill up weekly. Spend between 350400 a month. So crazy.

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