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Seeking Labor & Delivery Photography Clients

Hello, I am a Charlotte based photographer seeking new clients for a labor & Delivery session. Given the intiment nature of these sessions, so that I can cultivate a relationship with the parents I am seeking mothers that are at least 3 months from their due date. Now if you are down to the wire and have not found your photographer please do not hesitate to reach out as well! 

I look forward to hearing from anyone that is interested.

Kind regards, 

Birth Session aka Labor & Delivery Session: This is a life event worth documenting, it is hectic, amazing, filled with emotions and sometimes the details get forgotten. With birth photography your journey to this day along with your child's birth story is told. If you only decided to share the photos with your immediate family, you will have them and be able to look back and remember an incredible event. The day your child was born.

Why should you hire a birth photographer?
Having me at your birth will allow your support team to focus on your needs instead of trying to capture that great photo. 

What do you get? 
Packages vary but we do offer the following. DVD Slideshow set to music, Flash drive with photos for printing and a set of low resolution, watermarked digital images for sharing via social media and email.

I can just have a family member take photos.
This is very true, and sometimes, due to costs, that is your best option. Ideally though, your support people would be supporting you, not fumbling with a camera to try and get a shot or two between contractions. There is also a quality difference in the photos that I will take and those of family and friends.

First 48: If after this email and your own research you are still uneasy about the birth session I do offer a first 48 session. During the first 48 hours after you give birth, I like to focus on mom, dad, baby and any other family/friends that will visit you without the distraction of nurses and doctors.

If you are interested in a pregnancy session prior to the birth of your bundle of joy, please contact me a call so that we can set up some time to meet. 

All my best! 

ALC Photography 

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