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20 weeks symptoms

Hello ladies! So I am a little over 20 weeks, and it seems like I am peeing like crazy starting this past week. If I drink a whole glass of something, it seems like I have to go every 15-20 minutes. I am wondering if its the same for anyone else? I have no discomfort or burning, so I don't think I have a UTI or anything like that. Also, I constantly feel like someone kicked me in my lady parts. My pelvic area is almost always sore...by pelvic area I am talking about my vagina basically, between my legs. My vaginal discharge has also amped up, but from what I read and people say it all seems normal. I called my OB about the pelvic pain and discharge and she seems to think it all sounds normal. I am just wondering how many of you are dealing with the same things?


Thanks a bunch :)

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  • I'm only 14 weeks but I always have to go pee! Its a 24/7 thing. As far as the discharge that's totally normal too as long as the color and odor aren't off from your normal. The only thing I've never experienced is the pelvic pain. But if your doctor seems to have no concerns, just keep an eye on it and then mention it again at your next appointment of it persists.
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    I am 25 weeks and still pee all the time during the day (at least hourly if not more) but it has tapered off int he middle of the night.  I'm only up twice these days!  

    Not sure about the pelvic soreness, when she kicks me right it's like falling on the bar of a boys bike.  OUCH!  


    Good luck to you.  

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  • As baby gets bigger your urination frequency will increase. You can have no symptoms of a UTI and still have one. 

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  • image PrimRoseMama:
    As baby gets bigger your urination frequency will increase. You can have no symptoms of a UTI and still have one. 


    I agree with Prim on this one. I had a UTI with my first and didn't have any symptoms.

     But increased vaginal discharge is normal throughout pregnancy along with frequent trips to the bathroom (as baby gets bigger, there will be putting more pressure on your bladder) and that pain you are referring to may be "lightning crotch".

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  • I"m 20w4d and my bladder is easing up.. thank god! In the last week my uterus must have let up a little because now I can actually sleep for 3 hours without having to pee. Every once in a while I'll get a shooting pain through my girly area and that's normal, some people call it lightening crotch. I haven't had any discharge really, but I don't normally anyway. Everything you listed here though sounds totally normal and on track according to everything I've read... which is quite a bit. HOpe your girly bits are feeling better soon!

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    I am 20wks 4 days and a couple of weeks ago I did have some vaginal soreness. It felt like it was bruised or something. Eventually it went away. I also pee like a racehorse. Now that I started feeling LO kick though I can actually feel him kicking my bladder sometimes so my guess is he is just laying on it. He basically took up residence right there from the beginning and I hoped he would move up once there was more room but he doesn't seem interested in that!

    The further along you are, the less room there is.

    OP everything sounds like normal pregnancy stuff.
  • In my what to expect when expecting book, they are normal symptoms. The more you progress through the pregnancy the more discharge you will have. I pee about 20 minutes after I drink something. Sometimes I sit there for an extra minute just in case I have more. I get lightening crotch in the morning after peeing. I also pee more when I drink more water.
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