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Pregnant & Sunshine / Pregnancy Mask

Is this true?

Even if you load up on SPF and get a little sun, can you still get pregnancy mask? 

Has anyone suffered from this before? Is it just sun related or hormonal? 

I am hitting the shore this week and worry extra about getting any rays, especially since risk of skin cancer and being a new mother don't mix. 

Re: Pregnant & Sunshine / Pregnancy Mask

  • Unfortunately, I think the hormones trump the SPF. I am fair skinned, and always very careful when I am in the sun because I burn and freckle. Even with putting on sunscreen every day, I still have the dreaded pregnancy mask. I have a huge spot on my forehead, and smaller spots under my eyes.
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  • Yes, I'm not sure you can do much to escape it.  Good news is, it disappears as soon as you get that baby out!
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  • Ugh, Yes.  I have white skin with freckles.  Im a redhead.  I have been putting SPF50 on everyday.  Despite doing that, the mask of pregnancy has indeed reared its ugly head.  I agree, I think the hormones trump the SPF.  I have two little patches under each side of the corners of my mouth - they look like a foo-manchu mustache.  My husband thinks it is hysterical, but lets just say some Almay coverup makeup is my best friend right now!  LOL!  Good luck.
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