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New to Ft. Lauderdale.. looking for best hospital and OBGYN

Hello, I am new to South Florida and I am in the market for all new doctors, specifically a new OBGYN (as I am 2 months pregnant), a recommendation for the best hospitals in the area, as well as a pediatrician for my son.

I was recommended to 2 OB's that work through Holy Cross Hospital Dr. Rachel Bernstein and Dr. Patricia Calvo. Has anyone heard of these 2 docs?

Lastly, is Holy Cross a good hospital? Is their maternity ward nice and new, nice employees, etc?

 Thank you for the help!


p.s.- I have United Health Care Insurance

Re: New to Ft. Lauderdale.. looking for best hospital and OBGYN

  • Welcome to the baby-hood :) Dr. Delish Henry Skeet is AMAZING! I love Broward hospital. My co-worker had great service at Holy Cross, but i've only delt with Broward.

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  • I am fairly new here too, and 9.5 weeks. I started with Dr Susan Davilla and her group. I am very happy so far, and was recommended to their group by my future sister in law who raved about them. This group is based out of Memorial Hospital in Hollywood, and also have a west location.

     Is this your first baby? 

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  • I'm not pregnant yet, but I have Dr. Trudi Fahey and LOVE her! She is affiliated with Broward General.
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  • I personally did not have a good visit with Dr. Fahey. she has WONDERFUl bed side manner, however tried to scare me v-bac and only chooses to do c-sections. After personally working in the medical field and having a SIL that is an OB...Dr. Fahey acted very reckless and irresponsible.

    She was great 100% Up until she tried to talk me out of a vbac and tried to scare me about losing a baby etc. Per her referal i went to Dr. Skeete. Was HANDS down a MUCH better office, staff and fit.

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  • Same practice my aunt delivered both my cousins with Dr. Lichtinger and he is my OB as well - so far loving the practice. The only tip I would give is bring a book as wait times can get a little long if you take afternoon appointments. 
  • I second Dr. Fahey.  
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  • Patricia Calvo is my doctor and I love her... She is young and super sweet!
  • I'm thinking to go with Broward general hospital as my ob/gyn delivers baby only there. But I love memorial regional hospital in Hollywood.
  • Dr. Channing Coe is wonderful. His nurse practitioner is amazing. Affiliated with Broward General.
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  • My doctor is Rachel Bernstein. I absolutely love her! I have been going to her for years. And holy cross is a good hospital.
  • I have Dr Skeete and adore her. I ended up having Fahey for my PP care because I was Dr Skeete's last c-section before she went on vacation. I HATED that woman SO MUCH I can't even put it into words. She never gave me a complete exam. She always had her purse on her shoulder and one foot out the door. I was trying to use as few pain killers as possible because I don't like the way I feel on them and she yelled at me repeatedly for that choice. She told me to do laps around the floor with no indication of a number I should aim for. I did three (because again, I was only taking motrin because I hate percocet) and she flipped out on me and told me, "Do you ever want to get discharged? You should have done at least ten!"

    She was a b* with a capital B and I when I told the nurses they said, "Yeah... she gets that way when she's on her diet." So I know I'm not alone!
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