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Inexpensive Maternity, Newborn, Child and Family Photographer

Hi there!

I am just starting out my photography business and so am offering my services at a very discounted and affordable rate. Currently I am specifically looking to add maternity and newborn sessions to my portfolio, but am available for everything from cake smash, vintage bubble bath, parties, engagements, weddings and more.

I am located in Baltimore City, but willing to travel up to an hour for shoots :)

Please feel free to email me !

Jessica C Grant

Jessica Cee Photography

[email protected] 

Re: Inexpensive Maternity, Newborn, Child and Family Photographer

  • ras26ras26 member
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    Jessica - I'm pretty sure it's against the TOS to promote your business here.  One stand-alone post is bad enough, but please do not spam each thread.

    It would be different if it were a thread about photography and you were an established user, but you're not.  So please stop.

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  • ras26 - sorry - didnt realize it was against TOS seeing as I have seen multiple other photographers post their business services on the site before. I am an established user actually - but of the knot at the moment because i am planning a wedding to the father of my one year old son. I choose to only use one site at a time which is why i dont use thebump at the moment though i did use it when i was pregnant.



  • Hey Jessica!
    I'm definitely interested in maternity photos!

    I'm only 9 weeks, so I was thinking fall but would love to set something up. I live in Odenton, just south of Baltimore city.

    Email me!
  • Do you have a website with a portfolio? Thanks!
  • Janelle I found her on Facebook and looked through her sessions/portfolio on there. I hired her for an announcement photo shoot and absolutely loved my pics.
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