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Third Trimester Ultrasounds and Screenings

I've read before that a third trimester ultrasound at 32 weeks is standard, to check and see if the baby has turned as well as to take more measurements. I've also read that this isn't standard procedure and that most women don't get a third trimester ultrasound. So...well, I'm a little confused. I asked my CNM the week before last about it, and she said she'd check to see if I was scheduled. I forgot to remind her about it last week; placenta brain, for the most part, and I was discombobulated being in a new place--the office she is based out of received smoke damage from a fire in the office complex the clinic is located in, and not only was I frazzled having to find the new temp. location but I was uncomfortable in the unfamiliar surroundings. Long story short, I forgot to ask. So I'm asking you ladies, should I be concerned that I haven't had a 3rd trimester ultrasound when I am considered a high risk pregnancy, specifically for preterm labor?
I've had three miscarriages in the past, and at my first ultrasound it was noted that my cervix is "on the short side". I've been receiving weekly progesterone shots since I was sixteen weeks, and my baby girl is growing just fine according to Doppler readings and the measurement of my fundal height...but I'm still worried. Should I bug my CNM about this until I get an ultrasound scheduled along with the normal BPP that happens in the third trimester? Or should I relax and trust that she knows best?  

Re: Third Trimester Ultrasounds and Screenings

  • I think it depends on your doctor and insurance coverage
  • I'm also considered to be high risk, having GD and two prior miscarriages. They just started to schedule me each week for an US to make sure everything is coming along and I am currently 37 1/2 weeks. I just had my first 3rd trimester US at 36 weeks. If it is bothering I would say to ask, or wait it out. Either way GL :)
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  • I think it depends on your individual situation and insurance coverage. What type of doctor you see may also play a part. CNM is a midwife, right? I think they are more hands off than say a MFM. I know most MFMs do ultrasounds at every appt. if you want more screenings and tests, maybe a doctor of that specialty would be a better fit for you?
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