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What bottles to use?

I'm a first time mom to be, trying to figure out what the best bottle to use is? I will be attempting to strictly breast feed for the first three months (using a bottle occasionally), and then will move to pumping and using a bottle during the day after the first 3 months when I go back to work, and breastfeeding morning and nights. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of brands that are offered and need help narrowing it down. I've gathered that Tommee Tippee and Avent are two popular brands? Any advice, comments or suggestions? Thank you for your help!


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Re: What bottles to use?

  • I EBF and for both my kids we used the Born Free glass bottles.  I like Born Free because the nipples are really wide, more similar to BFing.
  • I used Dr. Browns with DS. They have a ton of pieces though so this time we will be trying Tommee Tippee.
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  • You will get 10 different answers from 10 different people.  Start with the bottles you have and go from there.  I discovered early on that DD liked the softer rubber nipples from the Enfamil disposable nipples.  She did not like the stiffer silicone nipples like Avent.  However, the rubber ones are hard to find.  I did end up finding a softer silicone by a company called boob. 

    Your LO will start showing a preference if given different styles. 

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  • Thank you all for your reccomendations!
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    If you are planning to pump, then go with a bottle that will fit on it.  Such a time saver!  Some need adapters so keep that in mind.  My DD started on bottles because she was a preemie, but had no trouble switching to the breast.  Now, at 2 months, she takes 1-2 bottles a day and the rest of time is breastfed.  I have Medela and Born Free bottles and she takes both just the same.  I, however, like that the Medela bottles fit right onto the pump and they aren't as bulky as the Born Free ones when I pack her bag (for trips to Grandma's house).
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  • We have the Dr. Browns wide neck bottles. DS was breastfed for 10wks and now I am EP'ing. LO is now 4 and half mo old. He is still on level 1 nipples and is doing just fine. I recommend checking out the pace-feeding on Kellymom's website when you decide to switch over to bottles. It helps LO continue with the flow of the breast and not chug the bottle down fast. 

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  • Had great luck with Dr. Browns
  • I use born free glass bottles because they're easier to clean then plastic, I don't have to worry about toxins from the plastic leaking in the milk, and they have a nice vent design to prevent gas issues. I love them! You can get them from amazon, Walmart, or
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