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I Feel Like a Hermit (vent)

Just a quick vent and unabashed request for commiseration. Does anyone else feel like a hermit and/or slave to their baby's feeding needs? With the feeding (nursing, then BM bottle then pumping) there is no time to get out and do anything. We are trying to get LO on an BF schedule after EPing and it is SO HARD to start this at a month old. I know it's possible, but she just hates it.

I feel like I can't ever leave the house. I have to pump every 2-3 hours and in between those times I have to nurse and bottle feed LO. That's pretty much all I do around the clock. I haven't worn a bra in weeks. We only have one car and husband takes it to work, so I can't just take a jaunt to the mall or grocery store or to see a friend. We have great walking trails around here (we live in Germany), but I don't have the right kind of stroller for them, and the Moby makes my back hurt. 

So I just stay home, tied to the pump, the bottle and LO.  I know this will change, and it's only been a month, but something's gotta give! I just wish LO would BF better and then we could cut out all this pumping nonsense. We are working on it, but she just doesn't want to BF. Sigh.

Ok, vent over. Thanks for indulging me!

She is here! 5-29-13


Re: I Feel Like a Hermit (vent)

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    I feel for you. My LO is almost 7 weeks. I was BF and BP for the longest time. LO was unable to empty my breast. I kept trying. After an hour and he is stillhungry. Then I had to pump and do the cycle all over. I feel guilty but had to give uP BF and just pump. I feel like 7 wks of trying was enough. He still gets breast milk this way. I feel a little more sane. I still get over whelmed but its a little more manageable. Do what is best for you. I felt like I wasnt being a mom and enjoying the process. Its alittle better now. If only he would sleep alittle longer, I would be so happy.
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    I feel pretty confined to the house---but it's because I choose not to take her to public places before she is vaccinated.

    My husband has watched her on weekends so I can get out of the house for a few hours which is great.

    I didn't really expect to ever get out of the house in the first few months so I guess I don't really miss it as much because I kind of mentally prepared for it?

    Don't get me wrong, I would love to take her out and go for lunch and stuff but I'm too paranoid. 

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    That must be a right pain. I pump as well as BF but I do it straight after I've fed DD but that's only because she hardly ever takes the second breast.

    You definitely need to invest in a good stroller to make use of the trails near you otherwise you'll go stir crazy being cabined up for so long.

    I've just started getting out and about and it's made a massive difference to my morale. I was getting down in the dumps being stuck in.

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    I feel you. I am not quite as tied down as you are because I'm not EPing, but most days I don't go anywhere and I feel like a slug. I hate it. I've never been one for staying around the house all day, so it's driving me nuts. Once he's a little older and I can not worry about him crying as much I will probably go out more. 
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    I can totally commiserate with you. My LO is 4 weeks today and the only time I've left the house alone with her is to go to the lactation consultant two weeks ago. DH and I together have taken her to doctor appts and our parents houses once or twice, but that's it. Now with my newly diagnosed bladder prolapse I'm afraid to go out alone with her because I'm scared that lifting her in her carseat will affect my prolapse.
    I'm BFing as well and can't seem to get the hang of using my nursing cover. I don't know if I'm just really dense or what, but I can't get it to work while feeding at the same time!
    So yeah.... We spend most of our time in the house, and some days it feels like the walls are closing in.
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    April!April! member
    I feel the same way. :( And lately it has been either super hot or rainy, so we can't even go on walks. I hope it gets better soon--for both of us!
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    I'm feeling this way but it's because lo is so unpredictable in her mood I am afraid to take her out! The weather is so hot in Texas right now, I rarely make it out early enough for a walk. It can be very depressing!
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    krwactkrwact member

    I feel the same way. :( And lately it has been either super hot or rainy, so we can't even go on walks. I hope it gets better soon--for both of us!

    This. We were forbidden to leave the house or have visitors until LO was 10 weeks old (one month adjusted) and MH was gone a lot so it was literally just the two of us. We had strict weather qualifications for taking walks and the weather has not been very cooperative. 

    I'm also BFing and pumping with the hopes of getting him to EBF but it's been allow process. Now that we're actually allowed out of the house, it's still logistically almost impossible. 


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