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Monday Bed Rest Check In

Good Morning Ladies

How'd we sleep last night ? Tossed and turned a bunch then moved to the couch and slept very well .

This weather is very hard for me to handle will be sitting in front of the ac today.

QOTD  how many of you ladies get massages ? 

Re: Monday Bed Rest Check In

  • Slept ok. Hospital beds are not that comfy! Last night was night six on hospital bed rest. We are at 31.4 wks now. First goal is 32 weeks! ultimate goal for me is 35. Hopeful we will make it. Had to increase my procardia to slow contractions. So far seems to be working.

    I forgot the Qotd. Lol.
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  • 35 weeks today and made it to July! :) ...and I'm free!! :D  Dr said "you can do whatever you want, but in all honesty after being on bedrest for so long you won't be able to do much."  Oh, except s*x - still not allowed :(

    Am exhausted after trip to appointment, so I'm laying on the couch now haha. But looking  forward to going through baby clothes later. Also planning to take a look at spinningbabies. If I have another goal, it is to avoid a c-section.

    QOTD: I've only had one professional massage. I do like to get body scrubs though :)  

    Hope everyone is doing well! 




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    Bedrest at 28 weeks due to preterm labor; released to modified bedrest at 34 weeks; released to full activity at 37 weeks
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  • I actually slept 6 hours last night! Much better than the two hours a night I've been averaging the last week. My heart goes out to those on hospitalized bedrest. I spent three weeks there during my second pregnancy hooked up to every monitor and tubing possible. Just miserable being tethered! The only nice thing was having an adjustable bed and my own personal thermostat where I could keep the room as cold as I wanted without having to pay the electric bill. :)

    I'm not really a massage person, but I've heard prenatal massages are amazing. 

  • Hello ladies. I've tried posting the last two days, but my mobile wont post. So here's another try today.
    Slept pretty good last night. Went to church yesterday, where I proceeded to pass out. Must have overdone it. Started contracting, had to be put back on strict bed rest until next appointment on July 9th.
    DH is out of the house today buying himself a new car. His has completely quit so he needs one, just bummed he'll have to make the decision by himself.
    Really been wanting to get a massage. I guess I'll have to settle with DH rubbing my feet. LOL
    BTW, just found out my 7 yr old has fifths disease. So I have another call into the dr about that. I was exposed to it about 4 years ago when my middle son had, so hoping it doesn't cause any more concern.
    Have a good day, happy thoughts!!!
  • Lbear8Lbear8 member
    Nantucket: Congrats on getting off bed rest. Your adrenaline may kick in after all this time :

    Doing good here, ready for a friend to come into town for 2 days. DH is so excited because when I was pregnant with my first DD this friend helped a lot while I was on sbr, so he is hoping for the same :
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  • Good Morning Ladies!

    First things first....HAPPY CANADA DAY for all you Canadian Ladies laid up on bed rest today. I have moved from the bed to the couch and am watching the CBC National broadcast from Ottawa.

    With this crazy heat it was really hard to get to sleep last night, but once I did I slept really well. With that said, I am retaining tones of water right now, so I did not end up waking up to pee. Felt good to get a solid amount of sleep, but I am very puffy this morning.

    I had some real challenges regulating my BP yesterday. I think my body is really feeling taxed by the heat. My hubby is heading out to purchase us a fan today, so hopefully that will help.

    I got a pregnancy massage at about 23 weeks and it was great! But now that my BP is high, massages are a no go, as apparently they can further increase your BP.

    I hope everyone has a good start to the week! 

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  • Inn2Inn2 member

    Yay Harley on your mini milestone!  I, too have hit 23 weeks and am counting down to 24 which is my first mini milestone.  

    Congrats Nantucket on your freedom!  I hope your energy comes back!

    Happy Canada day to those this applies to.  I'm half Canadian so always acknowledge it. 

    I slept ok, woke to several contractions but they eased, just working on staying cool and trying not to miss everything I want to be doing.  Husband got all my plants planted outside from the guest room.  Plants were like my other babies but not enough room for them and the baby.  Unfortunately, cats love to eat them and get sick and nursery is only room that protected them and offered sunlight, so we decided to plant them in our mini condo garden and hope they survive.  Only exceptions were my aloe and Christmas cactus.  Cats don't like eating those!

    I don't care much for massages.  I've had two, the first one, the woman couldn't/wouldn't stop talking to me the whole time.  Mostly she discussed her facial hair and what razors worked best to get rid of it.  The second was a hot stone massage and have to admit that I loved that one!  I'm not a big fan of being touched by strangers, but the stones helped with that.  I had planned to try a pregnancy one, but all this seems to have intervened.  Maybe one after LO comes!

    Happy day, everyone! 

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  • Chilko, heat can impact BP so be careful! 

    Congrats on reaching milestones! 

    My hip pain was bad again last night so I didn't sleep well. We had a great appointment today at MFM! That's two great appointments in a row! I asked what his goal is for us. He said it's hard to set a goal with all the potential challenges we face, but he recommends not going past 36 weeks for high risk mo/di twins. I see my OB Wednesday and see what she thinks. Here's to what's hopefully a status quo week up ahead for us all! 

    I have a friend that does body work, trigger point therapy, and massage. I hope when she gets back from London she'll come give me a message! 
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  • Good afternoon! My DH works 4 nights shifts this week and my mom and sister will be coming this afternoon. So that will be nice to not have to sleep alone in the big house quite yet. Still trying to get organized a little bit. Boxes everywhere, but our main living stuff: clothes, bathroom, kitchen, is mostly all unpacked.

    Oh and my doc gets back this evening, so I'm feeling much more comfortable moving around. I seriously wasn't sure we'd make it through the weekend with the pressure I was having on Friday.

    Ditch the stitch in 9 days. That's single digits, my friends!! So excited! Also, so glad we ALL had a babyfree June!! Welcome to July!!! Have a great day! Love keeping up on how you're all doing!
    Married to my dream husband
    Mom to 2 year old BG twins (Incompetant cervix, cerclage, and LOTS of bed rest)
    Pregnant with our next!
  • Mrscaseyk, congratulations on single digits!!

    Wallace, congratulations on your graduation and that's wonderful your partner got to enjoy the shower!!!
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