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How much is your LO eating?

Okay so alessandra will be 7 weeks on tuesday. She take 3 to 4 oz every 3 / 3 and half hours during the day and 4 oz every 4 to 4 and half hours at night.

My questions kinda dumb but how do i know when to up the formula. I feel like my little one will eat even when shes full then will spit up whatever wont fit in her stomach so im not sure if she would pull away. She loves sucking wether its the bottle or paci so its hard to tell.

Also if i do up the formula do i prolong the feeding time during the day. I feed on demand and she normally wants to eat 3 hours but lately i find that shell sleep a little longer during her naps and im not sure if i should wake her. No matter what i never wake her at night but im so confused and dnt have a pedi apt till the 9th of july.

My problem is i dont want to under feed her or over feed her ,she tells me when shes hungry, im just notsure shell stop when she is full.


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Re: How much is your LO eating?

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    I'm thinking you'll be able to tell when she's still hungry after feeding... and you can start giving more then? I'm honestly not sure... but that's how we transitioned from 3 oz to 4 oz a feeding... though occasionally he wants an extra ounce or only wants 2 oz. We feed on demand... I'm pretty sure that's pretty standard once they are back up to birth weight.

    Our Dr said not to go more than 4 hours without waking to feed during the day... but he's never gone that long. Sometimes its close but that's pretty rare. That said... our Dr also said he doesn't think babies will sleep long enough to go hungry... they will typically demand food when they need it.

    I hope that helps? In the meantime ... maybe call your Dr office to ask? We call often with questions like that.
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    HZ2012HZ2012 member
    We were also told no more than 4 hour naps during the day.
    You will know when she wants more food. Does she cry when she's hungry? Our LO cries when you pull the empty bottle out of his mouth and this is how we know to give him more. We usually add in half ounce increments. Sometimes he just needs a few more sips and other times he needs the 4th ounce. If your LO seems content after the bottle then I would leave it alone and follow her cues.
    Certainly call your dr that's what they are there for!
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    Your LO will give you hunger cues and let you know if they're still hungry. If so and you notice the amount is consistent then that's when you start upping the amount consistently.
    As for waking LO at night, my Ped says that once they hit their birth weight to let them sleep. They will wake up when they're hungry.

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