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Feels like someone took a bat to my back!

My lower back is killing me.  My muscles hurt so bad right now.  Anyone else dealing w/ this?  I never had this much pain w/ my other two m/c's so I'm not sure if this is normal.
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Re: Feels like someone took a bat to my back!

  • I had a lot of back pain as well after my loss. I have this heating wrap that's filled with beads that heats up in the microwave. That, along with ibuprofen, really helped me. Hopefully your back pain goes away soon.
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  • I have had back labor symptoms with all three of my MCs.  If its bad, call y our doctor for some pain meds.  Mine prescribed Norco, it helped a ton.  You don't deserve to physically be hurting with the emotional pain you are going through right now.
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  • I dealt with really intense back labour that started the day after my D&C. It was bad for 2-3 days and then cleared up. I was given no kind of drugs other than what was involved in the D&C. For the back labour, I took midol. Heating pads also helped. While the first few day after our loss and my D&C were a blur, I distinctly remember the back labour pain as the worst part of the ordeal (next to the emotional pain of course).
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    I'm so sorry to hear it.  I hope you feel better soon.
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