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*Moderator* - Can I post?

Hi!  I previously ran a cloth diaper consulting company and I am clearing out all my inventory.  I can't seem to access the community rules, so I'm paging the Mods.  Can I post the link on here for moms to check out?  Its very informal, I'm running everything myself (no shopping cart).  I would love to share. If this type of post is not allowed, I understand. Thanks!
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Re: *Moderator* - Can I post?

  • There's no mod here. Typically post on swap then post link to thread on swap.

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  • Technically it is against the TOU. If you posted it would be considered Spam and you'd have the chance to be banned. Your not allowed to post things for a profit.
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  • Thanks, I had a feeling I would be flagged for spam.  I'm not ready to post on swap yet.  I've been running the sale for a few weeks to clients and friends and have sold about a quarter of my stock.  Just trying to expand my reach.

     I guess if anyone reading this is interested, you can message me for details!

    Thanks for the responses!

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  • I'm always on mobile so can't PM but please email me details! Melinda Kay at gmail dot com .
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  • I would love info too! 

    zisko baby at gmail dot com 

  • Ditto!! Natalieann 412 at gmail dot com
  • I pm-ed my email
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  • Thanks! Sending emails!
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