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2 more vacation questions.. (pets)

If you have pets, dogs, what do you do with them when your on vacation? 

We are going away for a week.Normally one of our good friends took her or stayed at our house with her while we were way, which was fabulous. That friend recently moved away, (spur of the moment, great job offer) after we booked our vaca. So thats not an option anymore. We dont really have any other friends that are willing to take her, which is fine i dont want to put anyone out.

What should we do? Maybe there are dog sitters? Where would i find one of those? Have you ever put your dog at the kennel for a week?


Ok question two.

We are renting a beach house for a week. How many/what kind of toys would you bring for your child? We have 1 2 year old. I was thinking some books, probably his t-ball since we have a fenced in yard. Maybe some blocks. I dont want to over do it but i also what him to have some toys to play with..


Re: 2 more vacation questions.. (pets)

  • Find a dog sitter or board her.  I would probably board her and then start looking for a dog sitter you trust for the future.

    I would bring a variety of easy to pack toys.  We typically bring a variety of books (touch and feel, pop-up, board and regular), a beach ball, a stuffed toy and some blocks.  

    We are going on vacation next week too and I plan to bring playdoh, books, a blow up ball, bucket and scoop, paper and crayons and her box of legos. The dog's coming with :)

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  • FIL watches our pets when we go out of town.  Our dog doesn't get along with IL's dogs so FIL lets our dog out several times a day, hangs out here quite a bit to keep him entertained and makes sure the cat has food.  If we didn't have FIL, we would find a good place to board him.  

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  • We send our cat to the pet hotel, or else someone checks in on her regularly.

    Do you have Duplos? We took them w us last summer on vacation, and even the big kids played with them all week. I would take just a few well loved, small ones and a few books.
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    Thanks for the advice. Ill start looking for somewhere to board her.
    And great suggestions on toys. Im not really to worried about because he looooves the beach but just in case it rains i.want prepared
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    When our dog was young and playful (she's 14, blind & deaf now) we found a great place here (Dallas) and in Atlanta.  It was a "doggie daycare" type place, both offered kenneling for overnight/vacations.  What I loved about that set up was she was socialized during the day with other "nice" dogs & in her own space to sleep at night instead of the vet office where she would have been in a kennel most of the day and walked in a small yard and had 30 minutes of playtime 2 times a day.

    About toys, just bring a few active toys like the t-ball, blocks and a bouncy ball or two & a few new books and new smaller toys.   

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  • What we do with our dog depends on how long we have been at a location and if we know someone who can watch him.  We have had friends and neighbors watch him before, which has always worked out well.  I have boarded him with a local boarding place which I hated because I discovered bad reviews after we were already on vacation ( I had looked for reviews prior but for some reason they didn't pop up until I searched on my phone for their telephone number).  I have also boarded him with Petco's Pet hotel and I felt much better about that placement.  I would get local reviews and on-line reviews for places you are considering. 

    Oh, I don't know if you have boarded before but to board requires some vaccinations (kennel cough, etc) that must be done about 1 week before being boarded.  So, make sure that you get the required vaccinations before then. 

    I don't bring toys on vacation - just travel toys.  I figure they will have enough fun doing all the fun activities we have planned. 

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  • My dad usually watches our dog when we go on vacation.  When we went to my sister's wedding in Hawaii, a friend of my mom watched my dog and my sister's dog too.  When we go away on a weekend trip, we usually hire a pet sitter.  Those can get pricey, so we've only used the pet sitting service when we were gone for 3 days or under.  I would either board your dog or hire a pet sitter. 
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  • Have you looked at They match you up with dog sitters in your area. FIL & SMIL use that site a lot and have always found great pet sitters.
  • We asked friends and neighbors for recommendations. We love our dog sitter and it is a company so if she has an emergency she has back up. It's not cheap but worth it because we enjoy traveling & knowing our pets are taken care of. 
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