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Online Birth Announcement for Twins?

Hi All! We are in the final stretch and trying to get as organized as possible. We would like to set up a birth announcement ahead of time with all of our close friends/family emails so that my husband only has to pop in the picture, names and stats of the babies and hit ?send? while we?re at the hospital. BabyCenter offers a free online birth announcement that my sister used a few months ago, but they don?t have any for twins (you can only enter stats for 1 baby).

I ran a Google search and did not come across anything. Does anyone here know of a site that offers this type of announcement?

We plan to do a hard copy announcement as well once we get the formal newborn photo shoot done. This online announcement is just for close friends/family that we would email/text ASAP anyway.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Online Birth Announcement for Twins?

  • Why don't you just send an email?
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  • We just posted on fb.
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