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Newborn question. Please help

I have been cloth diapering dd since she was 8 weeks old and fit into one size.
For this little guy I want to start about 1 week old. He should weigh about 8 pounds.
I bought
2 rumperooz newborn covers
3 thirstie size 1 covers
1 bummis newborn cover
24 osocozy size 1 prefolds

My problem is that I think the prefolds are not going to fit in the rumperooz covers.
Anyone have any experience/advice for me?
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Re: Newborn question. Please help

  • Wish82Wish82
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    I had Osocozy size 1 prefolds, but after comparing them to some others that I have, I sent them back. I thought they would be too big and bulky. That bi g said, I never took them out of the package. Right now, I am using some GMD orange edge (newborn) Prefolds and some Diaper Rite (from Diaper Junction) newborn Prefolds. They both fit fine in my Thirsties and Bummis overs, but my Thrsties Fab Fitted seems tight over the Bummis. I would imagine the same would happen with the Osocozy Prefolds. 


    FWIW, we have 24 Prefolds, 1AIO, 5 pockets, and 5 fitteds. Sometimes I feel like I need to do laundry constantly. I would definitely recommend that you get some more diapers. 

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