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Music rec for LGBTQ families

Just wanted to pass along a recommendation.

H and I picked up Kate Reid's newest CD of music for LGBTQ families yesterday at Pride and listened to it today... We bawled through most most of the CD and laughed through many of those tears.... It is SO nice to see such representation of our families reflected in music for our kids and future kids. Plus references to "radical sperm donor dads" in kid's songs are just awesome.

H. and I also like Kate's other dy.kefolk music particularly songs like "Closet Femme", "Dirty Girl", and "Captian Cupcake". Hope some of you also enjoy and it makes you smile.

Sorry I can't make it a clicky as I am
MobileBumping, but here's the link to her site:
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Re: Music rec for LGBTQ families

  • We listened to some of the previews on her website and LOVE it! Thanks so much for recommending! 
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  • <3 sooo good!
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