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Birthday Ideas for 2yo

I will be switching over here in a couple of weeks from the 12-24 month board and I thought this would be a good place to post this question! The only idea I have for DD is a baby doll or baby doll related things like stroller or carrier. Other than that I am clueless! She has so much stuff already-I know asking grandparents for a donation to savings is an option but my MIL wants gift ideas for extened family/friends. Any help is greatly apprieciated!
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Re: Birthday Ideas for 2yo

  • My dd got for her bday, calico creatures and a doll house and she loves them. She like tiny figures and takes them everywhere we go. She like little people still and books. Loves books. the best present for her is books. She likes books with buttons that make noise. She has a huge doll house and she has some animals, and she likes her kitchen and pretend food and cooking things like dishes and pots. 


    Best of luck!  

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  • Trike

    stuff for a 'big girl' room

    portable DVD player & movies 

    gift card to ice cream shop, bouncy place, something fun


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  • Magnadoodle

    Shopping cart, play kitchen, play food


    An outdoor playhouse


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  • LSU628LSU628 member
    DD started really getting into puzzles around her 2nd birthday. I love the Melissa and Doug brand. There is one with a bunch of latches, doors, etc that kept her entertained for quite a while.
  • Kitchen with food and a cart, doll house, small plastic animals, puzzles, books, art supplies, bath crayons, anything for the sensory table
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  • Swim lessons, tumbling lessons, y membership, other experience type gifts.

    Build a Bear gift card.

    Dolls and doll stuff

    Outside stuff, sand box, water table, balls,golf club set, eyc.

    Play doh, markers, chalk, crayons, stickers, construction paper, etc
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  • My daughter will be turning 2 soon. DH and I are going to get her a balance bike and bike helmet.

    She's very interested in puzzles, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, water table, baby dolls....those are ideas that we have given to our family. My MIL ordered a really cute play diaper bag off of Etsy for her; it has cloth diapers, wipes,'s adorable! If you don't already have a table and chairs set, that is also another great idea, if you have space for it obviously.
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