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Cord Blood Banking

Anyone can recommend a company? Or give more info on which is better than the other? Thanks!!! ;)
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Re: Cord Blood Banking

  • LEMSALEMSA member
    Ask your OB, they have to be trained to do it. And your hospital has to have an agreement with the company. There is public cord blood donation and private cord blood banking. Life force cryobank does both.

    I am using life force for public cord donation, you have to apply before 32 weeks.
  • we used CBR.
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  • My husband and I used Maze Cord Blood banking because they have been in business a long time, don't waste money on advertisement and were one of the cheapest.  They also give the option to bank both blood and tissue if you want.  We chose to only bank cord blood.  They are running a referral offer now through Sept 2nd (and we were referred by friends so we got the discount).  If you need to enter a name for the referral discount of $200 just send me a private message and I'll give you my name to type into the discount code box when you apply online.
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