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Has anyone noticed how some days it seems like baby doesn't stop moving kicks hard and other days they are more quiet and if you feel movement they are light kicks.. Sometimes I get worried when I don't feel hard kicks! I know I shouldn't but me being a paranoid FTM I like knowing everything is okay :/

Re: Kicks

  • I feel the same way. I was starting to get nervous yesterday when the kicks were very light but now I'm feeling much better because he has not stopped moving all day and the kicks are so hard I am just sitting here watching my stomach move
  • Exact thing happens to me. As long as I can feel movement, I have peace of mind.
    CafeMom Tickers
  • This happens to me too! I was starting to worry because she's normally so active then she stopped for awhile. I even tried drinking something cold/juice and nothing but then the next morning I was woken with some pretty hefty kicks
  • This happens to me too.  I think it's probably normal and probably depends where baby is hanging out at any given point in time.  

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