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s/o clothes...

For those of you who buy new clothes each season:

What months for you do you tend to buy your "seasonal" clothes? For yourself or your kids?

I've always just bought new clothes for my kids "as needed" and for me "as wanted", since it's not like I grow and need new sizes, lol. I think buying in seasons, or even twice a year, might be a more efficient way to do it. I've never paid attention to when stores release new seasons of clothes.

Re: s/o clothes...

  • I buy in seasons because I wait for a really awesome coupon (I get tons from Gap, Old Navy and Gymboree).  Usually there will be a 40% off one and I just buy everything then.

    I also get sale notices and coupons for Olly and get shoes there 

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  • I try to buy clothes for the following year during sales. So, for example, I got DS1 winter outerwear at the end of this winter. It's quite a bit cheaper that way. But you do have to know what size you'll need, and it's easier to do for 2 yrs and up.
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    Our temps are pretty moderate most of the year, I buy seasonal as needed because they don't need a whole lot of warm weather or cold weather clothes. I also can't predict what size DD will be 6 months in advance. If there is a great deal on something like Northface, I will buy then.

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  • id012id012 member fall clothes in like september, get some winter stuff to mix in in like january, spray stuff around april, and summer stuff in may june. I live in new england so we have very pronounced seasons. That being said a lot of spring stuff is used for summer, a lot of fall stuff used for winter.
    Thats for ds. I just buy what i want whenever i want it for me. I do pack up winter clothes before summer and visaversa so that its like i get the boxes again lol.
  • I just buy at the start of each season.   I get back-to-school clothes in August (and we use some of this through the winter, we'll just layer with long sleeved shirts), then I'll shop again around December or so for some winter stuff for her.  Then usually we need some new t-shirts for spring, since she outgrows the ones from the summer.  Then I do shorts and stuff as soon as the weather turns warm.  I can never shop for the "next season" once it's on sale, I never know her size.

    As far as I go, I shop new each season for me too.  But that's only because I've lost 35 pounds, so nothing fits from season to season.. or from previous ones.  Once I'm at goal weight, I'll have a more solid wardrobe and won't need to do that as much.

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  • If I do buy something, I shop the JBF sales at the beginning of each season - sometimes those things still have tags even!  I've found entire Gymboree outfits for $6!  For myself, well, I used to be JCP fan and went at the beginning of the school year.  I've kind of been wearing maternity shirts for 3 yrs though...


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  • I buy things for me and the kids pretty much all year. I rarely buy ahead during clearance sales-I discovered I can never guess sizes. Right now I am trying to buy things now that transition into fall. It is so hot that almost all of the girl's summer shirts and dresses are sleeveless. That is not to say I have stopped summer shopping-there are some great sales in July!
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