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Cloth Diapering

What do you do at night for potty-trained LO?

DS is daytime potty-trained so I have washed and put away his Fuzzibunz and BumGenius. Right now I'm using Pull-ups, but I would really prefer a cloth option for nighttime. What do you all use? Also, how does washing work with that? I will have another LO in September to get back to washing EOD, but for now, would I just wash with towels or something to keep them clean?
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Re: What do you do at night for potty-trained LO?

  • I use best bottom trainers with feel wet liners.  Mostly because I'm trying to night train as well.  I still want him to feel wet, but wanted something that would soak up MOST of a pee accident.  Right now though, he has been holding his poop the whole day and going while sleeping.  Its annoying because the trainers aren't meant for that and honestly he doesn't really fit in his pockets anymore.  I'm tempted to put him in pullups, I really am.  The thing is they are just diapers, he treats them like a diaper and they don't really absorb as much for overnight.  I'm sort of at a loss and sticking it out with my trainers. 
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