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I want to try wool for my DS for overnight. He is 4 months old, but he is a big guy-- 28 inches and 18+ pounds. I want a good fit, but I don't want to get a size he will wear for only a few weeks. I am looking at Disana wool covers, and the medium starts at 20 pounds. (The small goes up to 21). I have no idea how wool fits, so I am not sure what I should go for. Thoughts? Insights?

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  • I looked at the photos on GMD's website and even though my girl is tiny (barely 12lbs @ 5mo) I ordered the 86-92 (GMD calls it a medium) that they estimates fits 17-26lbs.  It's big on her, but if she stays little it should fit until she's out of diapers. :)
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  • image SecretAgentKate:
    My guy is 6 months and 17ish lbs. nbsp;Here's a pic of him in the disana we just got. nbsp;It's 86/92 1224 mo.medium nbsp;It's a terrible pic, but at least you can see the fit. nbsp;We have no issues with leaks once I got it properly lanolized, but he has tonnnnnnns of room to grow. nbsp;He only wears it at night, it would be pretty big to wear during the day, but I'm super happy we sized up. nbsp;GMD also has pics of lots of babies in lots of different sizes:http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/disana.htmlimage

    That's what my girl looks like only skinnier! : I'm so glad I lanolized my cover again and gave it another try. It took a second, overnight soak but it was still dry on the outside at 5:30am. :
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