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GD levels question

Hi. Just wondering if your doctor told you what the normal levels or ranges are? Mine told me to check mine fasting and 2 hr after meals and told me the diet to go by, but didn't tell me what the "good" or "normal" levels were. I would just like to know if my levels are low, high, normal, because I have nothing to go by.

Re: GD levels question

  • https://diabetes.niddk.nih.gov/dm/pubs/gestational/#12 

    Hope this helps I had it with my first and about to get checked to see if I'll have with this one. 

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  • Each doctor or practice has their own range that they like to use and whether you test at one hour or two (one hour is usually more reflective of how well your GD is controlled).

    For example, my OB is:

    Fasting: 95 & under (but I know others who have to be 90 & under)

    1 Hour After Meals: 130 (but I've seen others have ranges of 120-140).

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  • Fasting: my GD counselor said under 90. My OB said only to be concerned over 95. 

    I can test either one hour or two hours after meals. One hour: under 130, two hours: under 120.  

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  • Ok thanks so much. This helps out a lot.
  • I test my fasting and 1 hour after each meal. I was told my fasting level should be 95 or less and after meals should be 130 or less. Sorry I wish I was able to give you the 2 hour levels as well. 
  • my doctor told me fasting of 95 or below

    2 hours after a meal 120 or below 

  • Fasting under 90
    1 hour until 140 or 2 hour under 120

  • We use different level scales here in NZ, so I won't give mine as an example, but your doctor should definitely have told you where they wanted you.

    My fasting levels have been .2 - .4 over the range (4.0-5.0 for fasting) for the past few weeks, with no change regardless of diet so now I am on insulin. They don't tolerate any higher levels, and get it under control pretty quickly. 

    You need to find out what they are expecting for you as an individual, so you can do your best to maintain control. 

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